Associated Research Announces Webinar Schedule for 2018

Associated Research Announces Webinar Schedule for 2018

Associated Research

Associated Research, the leader in electrical safety compliance testing, has announced their webinar schedule for 2018. All webinars are free and designed to ensure that manufacturers and test operators have the proper knowledge and training to use high voltage equipment. Enhancements have been made to the webinars to contain more engaging content, including live demos and partnering with Associated Power Technologies to host a webinar in September.

The first webinar of the year will be on Wednesday, February 7th, at 10:00am – 11:00am CT (3:00pm – 4:00pm GMT). To register for upcoming webinars please visit the website at

The 2018 webinar schedule is as follows:

Date – Subject

February 7th 2018 – Electrical Safety Testing 101

March 14th 2018 – Electrical Safety Testing 102

April 11th 2018 – Electrical Safety Test Circuit Theory

May 16th 2018 – Hipot Testing 101

June 6th 2018 – Hipot Testing 102

July 11th 2018 – Testing the Ground Circuit

September 12th 2018 – An Introduction to Power Sources

October 10th 2018 – Leakage Current Testing 101

November 7th 2018 – Leakage Current Testing 102    

Contact the company at 1-800-858-8378, e-mail at feedback(at)arisafety(dot)com or visit their site at For editorial questions, please contact Amanda Boothe at amanda.boothe(at)ikonixusa(dot)com.

Founded in 1936, Associated Research is a worldwide leader in Electrical Safety Compliance Testing Instruments.

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