Give Mom What She Really Wants This Mother’s Day: Sleep

6 Words For Tired Moms

“Moms can expect to lose 20.3 hours of sleep per week – or 44 full days of sleep over the course of an entire year.”

Flowers and cards are nice, but what moms really want this year is some uninterrupted sleep. The Baby Sleep Site®, an online company that has worked with tens of thousands of exhausted moms, has announced a campaign designed to help moms (and dads!) reclaim their sleep this Mother’s Day. On May 15th at 12 PM EDT, Nicole Johnson, President and Founder of The Baby Sleep Site®, will host a special Facebook Live event to answer mom’s most pressing questions about their family’s sleep. In addition, through May 31st, The Baby Sleep Site® will offer up to $50 off their personalized sleep consulting services, which provide tired parents with expert sleep coaching guidance – a perfect Mother’s Day gift for any tired mom!

Chronic Sleep Loss Affects Mom’s Mental and Physical Health

Sleep deprivation is a serious problem for new moms. A recent study indicates that in the first year spent caring for a new baby, moms can expect to lose 20.3 hours of sleep per week – or 44 full days of sleep over the course of an entire year.

That kind of chronic sleep deprivation can have repercussions, says Johnson. “I once spoke to a mom who was so exhausted, she nearly got into a car accident with her baby in the car due to drowsiness,” she says. Johnson asserts that sleep deprivation isn’t something to brush off, stating, “Lots of people want to dismiss ongoing sleep deprivation as something that’s just a normal mom experience. And to an extent, it is…but there comes a point at which it can become damaging for a woman’s health.”

Johnson’s right. Research suggests that sleep deprivation correlates with weight gain, and that chronic sleeplessness may inhibit a person’s ability to shed unwanted pounds. It also affects a mom’s mental health, as chronic fatigue is linked to depression and even anxiety. This, says Johnson, is why so many flock to The Baby Sleep Site®; moms come to realize that their babies’ sleep problems have tangible mental and physical impacts on them. In reality, “sleep coaching isn’t just about your baby’s sleep,” Johnson says. “It’s about your mental and physical well-being. It’s about getting your sleep back, too.”

About The Baby Sleep Site® and Nicole Johnson

For 10 years, The Baby Sleep Site® has helped more than 30,000 families worldwide solve their babies’ sleep problems. In the process, Johnson has become a leading sleep coaching expert, and The Baby Sleep Site® has become the internet’s most popular and frequently-visited site for baby sleep resources, enjoying 1.5 million unique visitors per month.

Johnson and her team are seeking media partners to help reach tired new moms this Mother’s Day, and to introduce them to resources that can help. Having written hundreds of blog articles and nearly a dozen successful e-books, Johnson and her team are poised to create unique, targeted content for the new parents in your readership. Past articles like 6 Things Every Tired Mom Should Hear have resonated with new moms, and represent well the kind of content Johnson and her team can offer. Johnson can also offer supplementary content on various parenting topics and is available for interviews by phone, email, and in person.

Contact Johnson with all media inquiries. For more information about The Baby Sleep Site®, visit the following:







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