InventHelp Inventor Develops Device to Provide Alternative Aid to People with Vision Problems

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An inventor from Midland, Ontario, Canada, is familiar with the struggles and limitations involved with limited vision. “My grandmother suffers from degenerative macular disease, so she has difficulty reading and seeing small objects,” he said. “I’ve decided that she and others like her need convenient and reliable help with such common tasks. MACULAR GLASS meets that need.”

This device provides alternative help for a visually impaired person. It helps him or her to read and/or identify small objects more quickly and easily, which avoids strain and frustration. As a result, it promotes convenience, independence and peace of mind.

Always accessible and usable in any location, MACULAR GLASS is compact, portable, versatile, comfortable and easy to use.

The inventor has created a prototype of his idea.

The original design was submitted to the Toronto office of InventHelp. It is currently patent pending and available for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers. For more information, write Dept. 16-TOR-9801, InventHelp, 217 Ninth Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, or call (412) 288-1300 ext. 1368. Learn more about InventHelp’s Invention Submission Services at –

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