Microsoft Shines the Spotlight on ProStar Geocorp as Part of its Digital Transformation

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Partnering with Microsoft has helped ProStar transform into a digital company and added new and powerful capabilities to our cloud and mobile solutions.

Microsoft Corporation has recognized Colorado-based software company, ProStar Geocorp, as part of the company’s digital transformation. ProStar Geocorp develops and sells cloud and mobile Geospatial Intelligence Software™ to its customers. The company combines technology with business intelligence to enhance enterprise software, helping organizations share critical information, map their assets, and collect, qualify, and store data.

According to Microsoft, digital transformation is about reimagining how you leverage people, data and processes to create value for customers and maintain a competitive advantage in a digital-first world. ProStar was recognized for creating valuable new processes in data and asset management utilizing Microsoft’s digital solutions. “Partnering with Microsoft has helped ProStar transform into a digital company and added new and powerful capabilities to our cloud and mobile solutions,” said Page Tucker, CEO and Founder of ProStar. “We are truly honored to be recognized as part of their digital transformation.”

ProStar now runs on Microsoft Azure, creating a cutting-edge, geospatial software solution for organizations that don’t maintain their assets in one centralized location. This allows companies to keep tabs on every aspect of their operation, regardless of location. “Our goal is to expand out into the global market, so we wanted to make sure that whichever cloud service provider we chose had a global imprint,” explained Page Tucker.

With the success of its Geospatial Intelligence Software ™, ProStar began planning for the next level of enterprise growth and embarked on a digital transformation that would provide the technology needed to get there. The solution ensures data security and is easily scalable to account for the company’s impending growth. Operating on Microsoft’s servers in the US, Canada, and five other countries, ProStar can increase its own global footprint while ensuring data sovereignty for their international customers. With Azure’s cloud technology and cutting-edge features in place, ProStar is eager to take on its next challenge, while continuing to grow the company and successfully market industry changing products around the world.

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About ProStar Geocorp 

ProStar is a World Leader in developing Geospatial Intelligence Software. ProStar’s flagship solution is Transparent Earth®, a natively Cloud and Mobile solution offered as Software as a Service. Transparent Earth is designed to improve asset management business practices by providing unprecedented geospatial intelligence and transparency. Transparent Earth enables real time access to critical information where and when it is most needed including in the office or out in the field. With Transparent Earth companies can now streamline operations, monitor workflows, measure productivity and make more informed business decisions with a higher degree of confidence.

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