Post Iranian Regime Roadmap offered to Trump by Prominent Iranian Exiles and Democracy Advocates

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We have hope that the new and smart US sanctions against the rulers of the terrorist Islamic Republic in Iran (IRI), will pave the way for the final uprising of the people of Iran to non-violently overthrow this dictatorial and extremist regime.

Three days after President Donald Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal with Iran, a group of prominent Iranian exiles and pro-democracy leaders offered the US President a plan for the first 100 days following the collapse of the Iranian regime.

The regime change plan entitled “The First 100 Days” was initially developed 15 years ago with the title “Iran of Tomorrow Project” and covered a wide variety of issues that would need to be quickly addressed in the event of regime change. The First 100 Days project which is due to be released soon, is building upon the previous roadmap and will include recommendations for key government positions to be filled with top caliber pro-democracy personnel, and a list of Islamic Republic of Iran laws that would need to immediately be revoked or revised during the first 100 days after regime change in Iran.

Contributors to the regime change include Dr. Iman Foroutan, a Los Angeles based tech entrepreneur and Iranian democracy leader known for using technology to help coordinate large-scale civil disobedience campaigns with Iranians inside the country vast majority of whom are hostile to the regime. Foroutan has been a major source of secure communications between anti-regime activists within Iran and those outside of the country who are lending support and telling their stories.

Joined by veteran democracy advocates Dr. Taghi Alereza, Abraham Ganji, Manouchehr Mehrpouyan, and Sara Safiri, Dr. Foroutan, over the last 18 years, has built up a vast support network inside Iran. Their organization is a 501(c)4 non-profit within the United States that goes by the moniker of The New Iran (TNI). The announcement of President Trump’s withdrawing the US from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), an agreement struck by President Barack Obama’s administration in 2015, was met with high praise by the pro-democracy group.

“Your friendly and hopeful message to the people of Iran has made millions of Iranians inside the country very happy,” told Dr. Foroutan in a letter dated 3.09.2018 from The New Iran to Mr. Trump. “We have hope that the new and smart US sanctions against the terrorist Islamic Republic in Iran (IRI), its officials and important entities such as the Revolutionary Guard and IRI’s government-run media will pave the way for the final uprising of the people of Iran to non-violently overthrow this dictatorial and extremist regime.”

The letter concludes with these prominent Iranian exiles offering their service to the United States to help accelerate regime change in Iran: “In conclusion, we would like to offer our counsel, support, expertise, and extend our hand in cooperation with your administration, to work together and assist each other to rid the world of a blood thirsty regime that has done absolutely nothing for humanity since they came to power.”


Dr. Foroutan has over 35 years of experience in Information Technology and over 18 years as an Iran analyst and advocate. In addition to running his personal businesses, he is the Executive Director of The New Iran, a global non-profit that advocates for peaceful regime change within Iran. Dr. Foroutan is also the founder of Iran of Tomorrow Project (IOTP) and one of the founding members of Iran of Tomorrow Movement (IOTM) and S.O.S. Iran. Prior to his commercial entrepreneurial ventures Dr. Foroutan servers as a consultant to the US Armed Forces and defense contractors. He is a graduate of University of California in Electrical and Computer Engineering, specializing in pattern recognition, process improvement and re-engineering, and design of complex online applications. Dr. Foroutan has been interviewed on many media outlets including CNN, Fox News, Le Monde, and Newsweek.

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