‘Proper Disposal of Hazardous Materials’

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The hazardous materials list includes, but is not limited to things like explosives and flammable items.

Proper disposal of hazardous materials

Any kind of flammable and explosive items are banned from self storage in Paso Robles and everywhere else, based on safety issues. Biological waste, fertilizer, paint and household and industrial cleaners are also banned and may be considered hazardous materials. Stored improperly any of these items could potentially damage the other items in the storage unit, the neighboring unit, or cause harm any individuals who might happen to be near-by.

The hazardous materials list includes, but is not limited to things like explosives and flammable items including: gasoline or propane, oil and grease, biological waste and fertilizer, paint and household or industrial cleaners, asbestos and other caustic chemicals .

Asbestos and other caustic chemicals require special handling, often by experts. Serious injury or illness can result from improper handling or exposure to substances in this category.

Aside from explosive or toxic items, perishable food is another item than cannot be kept in self storage Paso Robles facilities either. Food attracts animals, rodents, insects, and can mold, which endangers the safety of others’ belongings.

Rick Runnels, owner of River Road Mini Storage, offers some suggestions as to how customers can properly dispose of these hazardous materials instead of keeping them in a self storage unit.

Most perishable items can be disposed of in the curbside trash. For the more ecologically conscious, some can often be composted. Composting can be done at home (depending on neighborhood guidelines and municipal codes) or at a composting facility.

Explosive and flammable items require special handling for disposal so curbside service may not cover everything. So for these items, Runnels recommends interested parties visit the Earth911 website. Earth911 has established a nationwide database to help people find the best way to dispose of their hazardous materials.

River Road Mini Storage is a Paso Robles self-storage facility offering three different sized units, all of which have drive up access and multiple security measures to protect the contents of each storage unit.

For more information or to rent a storage unit, contact River Road Mini Storage.

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