Rapid Tools Launches A New Foldable Extend-A-Blade Utility Knife

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Rapid Tools has brought innovation to the marketplace since 2002 and recently launched the foldable Extend-A-Blade Utility Knife to rave reception from contractors, professionals, and DIY enthusiasts alike.

The Extend-A-Blade Utility Knife is one of a kind! The knife has a convenient folding design that serves a dual purpose; the two-position handle lock keeps the blade securely in position, giving users easy and secure access to hard to reach places, and the knife folds down to a compact size for easy storage in a pocket, toolbox or toolbelt when not in use, safely preventing any accidental cuts and scratches.

“Our knives are designed to make any project safe, simple and convenient” says Rapid Tools Founder, Simon Medhurst.

The heavy-duty utility knife has double the cutting depth and three sliding positions. The blade extends to twice the length of a standard box cutter so users can make deeper cuts at various angels. The long-lasting, all-purpose blade cuts through a wide range of materials including thick styrofoam, cardboard, rubber, roofing and carpet, without the need for sharpening. Blade change is a snap with the quick release button, and can be replaced with straight or serrated blades.

More about Rapid Tools:

Founded in 2002 in Burlington, Ontario, Rapid Tools has been recognized as a leader in the utility knife marketplace winning Top Honors at the National Hardware Show two years in a row, Editor’s Choice Award from the renown Popular Mechanics, and a 97% approval rating from the prestigious Handyman Club of America.

Rapid Tools has one goal in mind; to improve commonly used knives and blades with innovation, advanced design, and superior engineering. Rapid Tools knives and blades are available at the leading home improvement retailers in Canada, United States, and internationally.

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