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RURO, Inc.

There is a great opportunity to modernize the workflow for our customers and assist them with many of their objectives including compliance, lowering medical costs, and improving productivity.

RURO announced on February 16th that Kurt Harris, formerly VP of Business Development at Icagen, Inc., will be joining the RURO team as its Vice President of Sales.

Kurt brings with him 25 years of sales experience in biotechnology, including at Essen, Celsis IVT and others, where his role as the Vice President of Sales was instrumental in expanding each company’s presence in industry and across the globe.

“Kurt has infectious energy and all the leadership results to show for it,” said Tom Dolan, RURO’s Chief Executive Officer. “Since our founding in 2006, RURO has always been known for its quality software. Kurt will write a new chapter and we are all excited.”

Most recently, Kurt was Vice President of Business Development at Icagen. Prior to that he was in multiple leadership roles at Essen Bioscience which led to impressive company growth. His successes at Essen built a foundation for global expansion through direct and distributor teams. Throughout his career Kurt has proven himself to be an outstanding sales leader and a knowledgeable asset to life sciences organizations.

“I am honored to be leading the effort to help broaden the reach of RURO’s LimitLIS® platform and their other innovative solutions,” Kurt remarked about his new position. “There is a great opportunity to modernize the workflow for our and assist them with many of their objectives including increased compliance, lowered medical costs, and improved productivity.”

As Vice President of Sales at RURO, Kurt will be responsible for directing overall sales strategy, developing relationships with key accounts and partners, further developing the sales team and implementing effective policies, as well as collaborating with the Marketing Department to ensure cooperative and effective communications.

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