Story of Bible’s Joseph Shines Through in Personal Memoir “What Just Happened?”

Story of Bible's Joseph Shines Through in Personal Memoir

Available December 14, 2017

She, as did Joseph, leaves us in awe at their resilience, patience and steadfastness when the bottom literally appears to fall from beneath them!

In this spiritual memoir, What Just Happened? Living the Redeemed Life When all Hell Breaks Loose, Tracy Graves Stevens (CEO, wife and mother) recalls how God held her through two extreme changes that redefined how she perceived life and her own identity. She explains how she had to re-adjust to feeling God’s presence in the valley experiences and how the concept of ‘Living the Redeemed Life’ has more to do with your self-perception in God – even when He seems silent. Just like Joseph in the Old Testament, we all will face trials – some even life threatening – but learning to embrace the tough times are all a part of your spiritual growth and aligned with God’s ultimate plan for your life.

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“What Just Happened,” tells of the riveting life and identity transforming testimony of Tracy Graves Stevens as she simultaneously wore the hats of CEO, Wife, Mother, Caregiver and Ministry Leader – and how God simultaneously challenged her faith in each area of her life (per each hat she wore) at the same time. As a parallel Ms. Graves likens her “Event” a.k.a. Faith Challenge Ordeal to the test and challenges of Joseph. She, as did Joseph, leaves us in awe at their resilience, patience and steadfastness when the bottom literally appears to fall from beneath them. As with the story of Joseph, Ms. Graves reminds some and teaches others that we are His chosen, His redeemed, and no matter what situations we face in life, our God will always be there. He will sustain us (not remove our event) when we trust Him and keep the faith! A must read for God’s children in the 21st century darkness we all face today.”

  • Dr. and Minister Renette Dallas, ND Owner

Life By Dallas, Inc. and Dallas Popcorn

“In her fresh manner, Tracy Graves Stevens has the unique ability to take an everyday reality – ‘trials’ – and turn it into a compelling practical and spiritual read. She will not only inspire you, but will speak growth to your soul. A MUST READ!”

  • Rev. Linda D. Stevens, retired pastor, Jerusalem Baptist Church; Founder, New Life Empowerment Temple

Tracy Graves Stevens, an ordained minister for over 15 years, lives by the scripture that “there is nothing impossible with God”. A seasoned corporate leader, Graves Stevens is the Founder of Redeemed Life, LLC which focuses on ministering through the broken times of life and Trusted Beacon, LLC a professional services firm.

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