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CryptoKami was born to create a third generation blockchain system with the mission of ecosystem infrastructure for third-party financial applications and end-user

CryptoKami gives better insight into their blockchain project. Many of the now leading blockchains focus on transactions processing faster with lower fees, more security and safe energy…etc. Evidently, the improved features don’t seem to help protect the value of crypto technology against the rumors and policies of different governments. Sadly this is the vulnerability of the current crypto market.

Why is this happening?

Cryptocurrencies are currently not regulated scientifically. So….CryptoKami was born to create a third generation blockchain system with the mission of ecosystem infrastructure for third-party financial applications and end-user. This ecosystem creates a real, rich and powerful use for its crypto, the KAMI token. At the same time, the flow of KAMI tokens in the ecosystem is regulated under the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism base on Comreme Algorithm (CryptoKami’s invention) through Regulate Contract (CryptoKami’s invention).

At this point CryptoKami releases and regulates KAMI tokens through third-party financial applications that operate on it, operating similarly to the US Federal Reserve (FED) regulating the dollar flowing through commerce banks. So KAMI tokens, when put into use and circulation, will be protected against rumors and policies and laws from governments. The flow of KAMI tokens will be automatically regulated so that the supply growth rate is always slower than the demand growth rate, which fully applies the supply and demand rule to affect the monetary value.

CryptoKami is less vulnerable to market rumors, manipulations, policies and regulations from governments. CryptoKami’s new invention for end-users, third party, for the rest of the world, leverages the strengths and weaknesses of existing blockchain systems to market. The crypto market now on the early stage is like the WILD-WEST industry, becoming an invulnerable, sustainable development that’s prosperous.

Where is CryptoKami headquarters located?

Japan, Cyprus and Developer Communities around the world.

What does CryptoKami offer KAMI tokens holder?

KAMI stakers get 10% KAMI quantity per year.

What is model of CryptoKami? B to B or B to C?

Both B to B and B to C model.

How do customers buy or sell a KAMI token?

Buy on pre-sale, crowdsale ICO. Sell ​​on crypto exchange after ICO.

What is CryptoKami’s Comreme Algorithm?

The Comreme Algorithm is the invention of CryptoKami. The Compulsory Reserve Mechanism runs on Comreme Algorithm through Regulate Contract (CryptoKami’s invention). Comreme Algorithm combined with Regulate Contract is core technology and the key feature of 3rd blockchain of CrytoKami. This core technology allows regulated automatic supply and demand of KAMI tokens circulate on the CryptoKami ecosystem.

Why do they say CryptoKami is next step of Cardano?

CryptoKami blockchain is based on Cardano open source. It inherits the advantages of Cardano POS open source in on-chain and cross-chain transaction processing. At the same time, CryptoKami has made two inventions to improve the Cardano blockchain upgrade. This improvement allows CryptoKami blockchain to further regulate the supply and demand of KAMI tokens circulating in its financial applications ecosystem.

Cardano open source + Compulsory Reserve Mechanism + Comreme Algorithm + Regulate Contract = 3rd generation blockchain of CryptoKami

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